Friday, January 29, 2010

First Blogging Assignment!

I'm sure you all are excited to get started on your first blogging assignment! Remember, your assignment is to read the Introduction and Chapter 1 of "My Word," then write a post on your blog reflecting on the reading, and comment on at least two of your peers' blog posts. I hope that your freewrite and discussions today will help you engage with the text; when I walked around, it seemed like every group was having a really productive discussion.

Your post doesn't have to explicitly answer the questions your group came up with -- those are just a starting point, and a way of helping you prepare to approach the text. You can blog about whatever you find in the reading that strikes you as particularly interesting. I'm looking forward to reading what you all come up with!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to English 114!

If you're here, you're (probably) enrolled in English 114.04. Welcome! As soon as you've set up your own blog, e-mail me with a link so I can add you to the class blog blogroll. You may also add this blog and your classmates' blogs to your own blogroll.